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5 Common Chimney Damages After a Storm- Pro Tips By Joe.

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Cracked or Broken Masonry- Chimney Damages After a Storm

High winds, hail, lightning, tornados or debris can cause bricks or stones to crack or break. This can lead to structural instability and water infiltration and even be very dangerous!

Pro tip:

"As a chimney repair specialist, I recommend ensuring your technician applies a high-quality, waterproof sealant to your chimney bricks to prevent water damage. Schedule regular annual inspections and maintenance to catch and fix small cracks before they worsen. Reinforce your chimney with stainless steel or copper flashing and a sturdy cap to protect against high winds and debris. These steps will significantly enhance your chimney's resilience against the Houston storms."

Bricks that fell off a chimney that was hit by lightning in houston texas
Bricks that fell off a chimney that was hit by lightning

Chimney Cap Damage or Blown off

The chimney cap, which prevents water, animals, and debris from entering the chimney, can be damaged or blown off during a storm, leading to further issues inside the chimney.

Pro tip:

"I recommend installing a durable, high-quality chimney cap secured with heavy-duty fasteners to withstand strong winds. Regularly inspect the cap for damage or looseness, especially after Houston storms. Replace or repair any damaged parts promptly to protect your chimney from debris, animals, and water. These steps will maintain your chimney cap's integrity and extend its lifespan."

A loose chimney cap that likely wasn't properly secured
A loose chimney cap that likely wasn't properly secured

Flue Liner Cracks and exposure

The flue liner, which protects the chimney walls from heat and corrosion, can crack due to rapid temperature changes or physical impact from storm debris, leading to potential fire hazards.

Pro tip:

"Regularly inspect your chimney and flue liner for cracks, as these can pose fire hazards. Have a professional apply a high-quality sealant or install a stainless steel liner for added durability. Ensure regular cleaning and maintenance, especially after severe weather, to keep your chimney safe and efficient. Also, check that the damper is in good shape, as it acts as a window for your house. Taking these steps will extend the lifespan of your flue liner and maintain your chimney's condition."

Rusty and cracked flue liner that needed a lot of love and attention
Rusty and cracked flue liner that needed a lot of love and attention

Water Leaks

Heavy rain and wind can cause water to penetrate the chimney, leading to leaks and water damage inside the home and. This can affect the structural integrity of the chimney and cause mold growth.

Pro tip:

"To prevent water leaks, ensure your chimney is sealed with a high-quality waterproofing agent. Regularly inspect and maintain the chimney crown and flashing. Address cracks immediately to avoid structural damage, mold, and musty air in your home."

Loose or Missing Flashing

The flashing, which seals the space between the chimney and the roof, can become loose or be torn off by strong winds, resulting in water leaks and damage to the roof and attic.

Pro tip:

"Make sure your chimney flashing is securely fastened and in good condition, Please bring a professional to check it out and dont risk getting on the rooftop on your own. Regularly inspect it, especially after severe weather, and promptly repair or replace any damaged sections to prevent water leaks and structural damage. Properly sealed flashing protects your home and chimney."

Chimney flashing is damaged and in order to prevent a leak the flashing needs to be repaired
Damaged Chimney Flashing

We inspect and fix chimneys and we promise to it with the best prices and a big smile :)

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to identify and repair these damages promptly to ensure the safety and functionality of the chimney.

When severe storms hit and power outages leave your home without electricity, your fireplace becomes your primary source of heat, making it crucial to ensure your chimney is in top condition and fully functional.

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